Vola's Companions' Charter

Vola’s Companions’ Charter

Let it be known to all who tread under the stars, that by the Grace of the Gods, the company known as ’’Vola’s Companions’’ has been legally established on the day of Highharvestide, 1372 of the Dale Reckoning, Year of Wild Magic.
This charter therefore recognizes the rights of the subjects inscribed herein to form an adventuring company, procure employment and profit from this activity; it furthermore grants them all the statutes and limitations given freely to mercenaries on hire by the City of Waterdeep, including the non-forced peacebonding of weapons within City limits, under the understanding that their use is restricted as a means for self-defense, should all other avenues of approach fail.
Herein furthermore lie the terms these men-and-women-at-arms have established amongst themselves. Let this document aid in the settling of any quarrel or dispute that should arise, as well as establish the place of these lawful men and women upon the face of Faerûn.

Of its members:
Darian Larson, warrior and diplomat of elven descent, the leader of the ’’Vola’s Companions’’, and one of its founding members;
Given the rank of ’’lieutenant’’ are the following persons:
Karnak, a transmuter of no small talent, of both human and orcish origin, a founding member, who nevertheless enjoys special status regarding travel outside the city of Waterdeep;
Lady Kala of Silverymoon, a moon elven sorceress, also a founding member;
Galrion Erlandin, a moon elf, an accomplished archer and woodsman;
All further members of the ’’Vola’s ^Companions’’ are considered men-at-arms. These are:
Elerium, also a moon elf, ranger and protector of the Unicorn’s Run;
Kerith Blackpool, devout of Kelemvor, who also possesses special status regarding travel outside Kelemvor’s House in Waterdeep;
Govannon Darkbane, a warrior hailing from Westgate; joined Tarsakh, 1373 of the Dale Reckoning, Year of Rogue Dragons;
Nathaniel of House Arryn of Eaglehaven, a noble soldier from Neverwinter and a devout servant of Torm; joined Marpenoth, 1373 of the Dale Reckoning, Year of Rogue Dragons;
Vola, an awakened displacer beast.
Of note is the fact that rank within the company may change, according to necessity as outlined by the bylaws stated in this document.

On the company’s values:
Vola’s Companions came into being from a necessity to keep the enemies of Waterdeep at bay. The values the company upholds include: to aid those in need to the best of our abilities, to combat threats to the city of Waterdeep, to oppose those who would destabilize the peace in the lands, to promote harmony with the natural forces.
Wherefore it is our will, and we firmly enjoin, that men and women of all races should be free of injustice and tyranny so long as they are fair to one another; and that they live in harmony with that which surrounds them.

Of ranks, their responsibilities and promotions:
Members of the Vola’s Companions possess one of three ranks: that of Captain, who is considered the leader of the group; Lieutenant, who also entails leadership responsibilities; and man-or-woman at arms.
While the Vola’s Companions are not considered a military organization, and as such do not adhere to a strict hierarchy or set of protocols, each rank entails certain responsibilities and duties. These are as follows; a Captain is expected to serve as leader of the group, making any decisions on the field that may be necessary. He or she is expected to put the wellfare of the members of the Vola’s Companions, as well as the tennets it holds dear, above himself. A Captain may also choose to promote or demote members, though he must secure the support of at least one lieutenant or three men-at-arms to do so.
Lieutenants are given responsibility over the group should its Captain be absent, entailing the same duties, though not the same powers, as its superior until his or her return.
Men-at-arms are expected to make use of their skills to aid the company achieve its set goals. Individual responsibilities are to be assigned on the field in accordance to the members present and their individual sets of talents.
It is to be noted that as an adventuring group, as opposed to a mercenary band, no member of Vola’s Companions is strictly required to follow orders. Tenureship within the company is entirely optional for any individual, and not following a specific order, should one be given, will not entail expulsion or any other form of punishment unless doing so falls within the category of actions deemed eligible for expulsion.
As a whole, the Vola’s Companions strive to reach a unanimous consensus regarding which enterprises to undertake, as well as the manner of their undertaking. As noted, no member is required to accompany the Vola’s Companions under compulsion. It is important, however, that all those who commit to a particular course of action use the best of their abilities to reach its conclusion.

Of aspiring members:
Any free person may join the ranks of Vola’s Companions, provided they: a/ are sponsored by a ranking member of the company; b/ receive the approval of at least two other members. Aspirants are directed to make further inquiries at the address listed below.
The Vola’s Companions are as presented above. Its constituents must adhere to a code of conduct. While not restricting of particular actions, it is to be understood that the morals behind the Vola’s Companions are of good ilk. Constituents who show lack of character, wilfully perpetuate the values contradictory to those established can be expelled by a majority vote from all members on hand.
While accepting of many faiths and all races, the Vola’s Companions will turn away worshippers of the following deities: Bane, Cyric, the drow goddess Lolth, Malar and its evil-minded lycanthropes, the Lord of Shadows Mask, Shar, Talos the Destroyer, evil worshippers of Umberlee, Gargauth, Loviatar, Velsharoon the Necromancer, the Dragon Queen Tiamat, Talona, and Gruumsh the One-Eyed, as well as other evil-minded deities and cults.

On the grounds for dismissal:
Members of the Vola’s Companions may dismiss themselves from the group at any time they see fit. To do so, they must provide a document plainly stating so, duly notarized by a Magister of the City of Waterdeep or such equivalent as may present itself if abroad. Any member leaving the company must proceed forthwith with the return of any and all equipment, magical or otherwise, as may belong to the Vola’s Companions. Should dismissal come during the course of an adventure, all artifacts not divided are forsaken by the renouncing party. Their name will be striken from the charter, though a record of their permanence will remain.
It is permitted, moreover, though highly extraordinary, for a member to call out another. Such an event must never be undertaken lightly, and without reason and proof. On such occasions, each party is allowed an exposition of the facts, and will be given an opportunity to rebuke allegations. After this, all members of the company on hand must decide whether it is just to expel the member on trial.
Suspicion of certain behaviours cannot be condoned, and will result in immediate expulsion from Vola’s Companions, with the penalties outlined above, unless swiftly justified in a manner deemed satisfactory by all members present. These are: the needless desecration of bodies, causing deliberate rising of the undead for nefarious purposes, as well as crimes of High Treason against the City of Waterdeep or its allied city-states. In all cases outlined above, should the evidence presented be considered sound, the responsible party or parties will be remamded to the custody of the Waterdhavian Militia.

On the division of spoils:
Vola’s Companions, as a licenced adventuring company by the present charter by order of the Open Lord of Waterdeep, are permitted to conduct the pillaging of ancient ruins, the slaying of monsters, and profit from such activities. Any and all treasure, or ’’loot’’, recovered while under the company of other members of Vola’s Companions is subject to the laws inscribed in this very document. The laws are as such:
a/ Any currency will be divided in an equal manner amongst all the participants of the activity which led to its acquisition. A token amount of upto one tenth may be claimed under ‘’General Company Funds.’’
b/ All gems are to be appraised, and added to the ‘’General Company Funds.’’ These will then be used to purchase things of use to the company, be it mundane expences undertaken in the course of their travels, or items of a magical nature for general use and benefit.
c/ Artifacts, relics, and items of a magical nature, will be distributed evenly among those who desire to use them. To avoid conflict should two equal-standing members of the company desire the use of a particular magical item, it is decided that priority will be granted in accordance to the following terms: a disputed item goes to whomever is deemed to make the best use of it, according to the properties of the artifact and the abilities of its would-be wielder. The exception to this ruling is if the most competent user has amassed more than half as much so-called ‘’party loot’’ than its contender. It is then his choice to give up one or more of his ‘’party loot’’ gear to even the score, or the item being disputed. In convoluted cases where this ruling may prove insufficient, the ranking member of the company may force a binding ruling, unless the item is disputed by himself, in which instance the next ranking member may decide, under the same assumption.
It is possible for any member to request an appeal to a decision regarding spoil division. Such a council will be held as soon as is possible, but must include every ranking member of the Vola’s Companions with the exception of ranking members in dispute of the artifact. Until such a time as this council can be convened, the decision under appeal is to be considered binding. All decisions by this council are final.
d/ It may be deemed that claim upon certain artifacts can only be exacted by a particular member of Vola’s Companions. If such a stake can be claimed, a ranking officer may decide that no other may lay claim to the item in question; though the artifact will still count toward said member’s share of the treasure in the matter of disputes outlined in paragraph c/.
e/ Any member ceasing usage of a particular magical item acquired by means of the company must present it back to its other members. If no other member desires use of said magical item, proceed as below.
f/ Artifacts, magical or otherwise, that no person wishes to use will be sold on the marketplace for as much gold as possible. The exceptions are evil-minded items, things of use to the party in general, and items that may become useful at a later time. In such cases, members of Vola’s Companions are to proceed as follows: evil items are to be given to an authority, be it a church or organization to guarantee its safekeeping, or be kept safe by the members of Vola’s Companions themselves; things of use to the party in general are entrusted to one particular member of the company, though the item does not ’’belong’’ to him as described above, nor does it count as a claimed item for the purpose of loot division; items that may become useful in time are to be treated in the same manner.
g/ It must be understood that certain artifacts or relics, even and especially those of magical nature, cannot morally be kept by the company, be it because they are of particular importance, religious or otherwise, to a group of individuals, or some other instance deemed significant. Steps must be taken to ensure the return of said item to its rightful owner, if such a thing can be effected.

To inquire further information regarding the ’’Vola’s Companions,’’ please direct yourself to the Tower of the Silver Raven, Waterdeep, Castle Ward, north and east of Selduth Street and the Street of Silver.

This charter was issued in accordance to the laws and regulations of the City of Waterdeep. One copy will reside in the records of the Palace of Waterdeep, another is issued to the company as evidence of legitimacy. The Magister Fenril Brightfall has confirmed the legality of these procedures, and the sum of 25 gold pieces was levied as tax.
By the power and sovereignty of the Warden of Waterdeep, Overmaster of the Guilds, and Commander of the Watch, Lord Piergeiron the Paladinson, open ruler of the City of Waterdeep, let it be known that the creation of this Charter is both legal and binding to all parties involved.

Vola's Companions' Charter

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